We accept patients by appointment only.

Due to high demand, for new patients we have temporarily a waiting period of about a month before the first appointment can be made.

This gives us a chance to schedule our agenda and reserve adequate time for each required treatment.

On your first visit we will examine and diagnose your teeth and soft tissue. You will be informed about the state of your oral health. We will discuss all available options for further dental care with you to achieve the best oral health possible.

To prevent your oral health from unnecessary and urgent problems we ask you to appear for a regular check up at least once a year. By doing this we keep your teeth in healthiest state possible.

Our SMS recall system will help to remind you about your annual visit at the dentist in order to benefit from national health mutual insurance reimbursement of your medical costs.

Our dentists are officially recognized by RIZIV (Federal Institute for Health Insurance) and Professional Liability insured.

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